"All Children Are Our Children"

Academic Excellence

  • Every student should be taught in an atmosphere of rigorous expectations
  • Teachers must be supported in structuring an atmosphere to maximize learning
  • Teachers know what is best for students to excel
  • Schools should be organized in such a way as to allow teachers the maximum time to teach
  • Teachers should be free of the fear of teaching students because of harassment and frivolous lawsuits

Community Control

  • Schools should be locally controlled by the people through their boards of trustees
  • Schools should be welcoming places for parents, guardians, and citizens who have an interest in the education of children
  • Schools should engage the community in volunteer programs such as science, technology, engineering, the arts, math, and reading comprehension initiatives, mentoring, and the supervision of students
  • Schools should ensure that taxpayers' dollars are used wisely and that the people are not overtaxed

Educator/Teacher Pride

  • Pay teachers as the guardians of civilization and society
  • Retain teachers in the profession by creating professional teaching environments
  • Innovation must be expected of teachers, and environments created for teachers to be innovative
  • Developing, advancing teachers in the profession
  • Enterprising among teachers must be encouraged as to create better methods and practices to engage students

Civil Engagement

  • Schools should assist students by modeling pro-social behaviors
  • Schools should be places where students learn to interact with one another in a manner that ensures healthy civil relations
  • Schools should ensure the fair and balanced teaching of the history of our nation, our region, and our state

School Funding

  • Public dollars should be used for public schools
  • Grants, foundations, and other funding streams must be sought

Private, Parochial and Religious Schools

  • These schools play an important role in our society
  • Public dollars for public schools should not be diverted from public schools to fund private, parochial, or religious schools